UKSERPS Twitter Hashtag

As mentioned in previous posts most of the news about problems with the UK SEPRs is on twitter. Such is the frequency of the posts about the UK SERPs a hash tag is starting to be used #ukserps. A hash tag simply enables a user to see all the posts related to the ukserps by searching twitter with #ukserps.


So if you see a problem in the Google UK SERPS tweet it with a link to the Google results page and the hash tag #ukserps

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UK SERPS on Twitter

Most of the chat about the problem with the UK SERPs has been through twitter. So it’s best that we have some presence on twitter so I’ve set up a twitter account @ukserps. Please do follow that account as it will keep you upto date with any news about the UK SERP’s and examples of strange Google results.

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Welcome to UK SERPS

Welcome to UK SEPRS, you may be part of the SEO industry in the UK or you may be a disgruntle Google searcher this site give you the chance to voice what you think is wrong with a certain search result.

In the last two months we’ve seen a massive influx of websites from other countries into the UK results. I’ve got nothing against Yanks, Aussies or kiwis (that’s people from New Zealand for the yanks out there) but sometime a foreign site isn’t relevant, when you want a loan but you can’t apply for a loan from an American company.

We’ll be adding some articles to get started with and then the ability for you to post example of problems in the UK SERPS.

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